110 in the Shade Edit

Stage Musical (1963).
Music: Harvey Schmidt, Lyrics: Tom Jones, Book: N. Richard Nash.


Based on Richard Nash's 1954 play The Rainmaker, the story takes place in a small Texan farming town in the 1930s Great Depression, an area afflicted by a long hot drought. The metaphor extends to Lizzie Curry, who is in danger of becoming a dried up old maid. Along comes Bill Starbuck, a mysterious stranger, who promises rain in return for $100, that they can barely afford. Lizzie falls in love with Bill, who confesses he is a con man, and asks her to leave town with him. Her old flame, File, the town sheriff then realizes that he really loves her.

Musical NumbersEdit

  1. Another Hot Day
  2. Lizzie's Coming Home
  3. Love, Don't Turn Away
  4. Poker Polka
  5. Hungry Men
  6. The Rain Song
  7. You're Not Foolin' Me
  8. Raunchy
  9. A Man and a Woman
  10. Old Maid
  11. Everything Beautiful Happens at Night
  12. Melisande
  13. Simple Little Things
  14. Little Red Hat
  15. Is It Really Me?
  16. Wonderful Music
  17. The Rain Song (Reprise)


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Performance at the Tony Awards 2007
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