Achilles in Heels Edit

Stage Musical (2006)
Book, Music and Lyrics: Mark Bunyan


Musical comedy based on the Greek legend of Achilles. To thwart the oracle that predicted he would die in the Trojan War, mother immersed the infant Achilles in the River Styx to gain invincibility, but the undipped heels would remain his weak spots. She also took the additional precaution of sending him to her brother, King Lycomedes, to be raised up, disguised as a girl. Thus when eventually the Greeks needed to go to war against the Trojans, to recruit Achilles, they had first to convince him that he was male.
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Musical NumbersEdit

  1. Chorale
  2. The Daughters Of Lycomedes
  3. Watching You
  4. Odysseus On Ithaka
  5. Easy For You To Say
  6. Pyrrha’s Lament
  7. Extraveagant Taste
  8. Frou Frou Girly Things
  9. Feeling Things
  10. Found Myself A Hero
  11. Diodeima’s News
  12. Act One Finale
  13. Feeling Things
  14. Love is Wrong
  15. Family Obligations
  16. Little Monsters
  17. Frou Frou Girly Things (Reprise)
  18. The Trojan Woman
  19. Lost in The Myths Of Time
  20. Bacchanal Sritaki


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Little Monsters
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