All My Sons opened on Broadway at the Coronet Theatre on January 29, 1947 and closed on November 8, 1947. This was Arthur Miller's first successful play and had a run of 328 performances.

All My Sons (2008) - John Lithgow, Dianna Wiest, Patrick Wilson, Katie Holmes

The 2008 revival of All My Sons, starring John Lithgow, Dianna Wiest, Patrick Wilson and Katie Holmes.

All My SonsEdit

Drama (1947)
Author: Arthur Miller


Inspired by a true story about a successful business man who knowingly sold the government defective airplane parts during World War II with tragic consequences. The truth comes out and his life unravels when his son prepares to marry his business partner’s daughter.


1947 Tony Award for Best Play
1947 Tony Award for Best Direction of a Play
1947 New York Drama Critics' Circle Award


1987 - John Golden Theatre
Official run was April 22, 1987 - May 17, 1987.
Cast: Richard Kiley, Jamey Sheridan, Christopher Curry, Jayne Atkinson, Joyce Ebert.
2008 - Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre
Began previews on Sept. 18, 2008. Official run was Oct. 16, 2008 - Jan. 11, 2009. Official website.
Cast: John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest, Patrick Wilson, Katie Holmes, Becky Ann Baker, Christian Camargo, Michael D'Addario, Danielle Ferland, Jordan Gelber, Damian Young.

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