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BoatsAreRockable BoatsAreRockable 20 July 2015

New Admin

Hi Theatre Wiki visitors!

I'm happy to inform you that User:DinoKev has kindly made me an admin here. This should make it much easier for me to improve this wiki. To start with I'm going to sift through all the existing pages here on the Theatre Wiki and delete the spam pages, unused redirects, pages about theatre companies and theatre houses.

I'm also going to create some new templates to be used around this wiki and make sure every page is properly categorised.

I hope to stick around improving this project for a long time and would welcome the help of others too. I listed my aims for this wiki in my previous blog post here. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below this blog or on my message wall.

I will use this blog to in…

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BoatsAreRockable BoatsAreRockable 21 June 2015

Breathing new life into the Theatre Wiki?

I recently discovered this wiki and was saddened to see that is rather neglected. I am a big fan of theatre (particularly musicals) and believe that this wiki has loads of potential to be "something incredible" (Yeah a BOM reference...).

As a result I would like to propose a major reorganisation to this wiki and I would like to eventually be able to adopt this wiki.

While there doesn't seem to be any active community here I thought it would be helpful to others and myself to highlight how I would like to improve this wiki.

  • 1 Focus on the shows
  • 2 Making into a 'hub' wiki
  • 3 Blog posts featuring shows
  • 4 Forums and chat
  • 5 Visual overhaul
  • 6 Finally

From browsing the wiki's existing pages and categories the biggest problem I see with the wiki right now is that …

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