City of Angels (1989) Edit

Music:Cy Coleman,Lyrics:David Zippel, Book:Larry Gelbart


Fiction and reality intertwine as writer Stine attempts adapts his book about legendary detective Stone into a screenplay for 1940s Hollywood. As the story unfolds, parallels between both the author and his character become apparant.

Musical NumbersEdit

  1. Prologue: Theme from City Of Angels
  2. Double Talk
  3. What You Don't Know About Women
  4. You Gotta Look Out For Yourself
  5. The Buddy System
  6. With Every Breath I Take
  7. The Tennis Song
  8. Ev'rybody's Gotta Be Somewhere
  9. Lost And Found
  10. All You Have To Do Is Wait
  11. You're Nothing Without Me
  12. Stay With Me
  13. You Can Always Count On Me
  14. Alaura's Theme
  15. It Needs Work
  16. L.A. Blues
  17. With Every Breath I Take [Duet]
  18. Funny
  19. I'm Nothing Without You
  20. Epilogue: Theme from City Of Angels
  21. Double Talk Walk



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