The Duke of York's Theatre opened in 1892 and was originally known as the Trafalgar Theatre when it was built for Frank Wyatt and his wife. In 1895 the theatre was renamed to its current name to honour the future King George V. One of its first successes was the musical comedy of Go-Bang in 1894 and the Duke of York's also premiered J.M Barrie's Peter Pan as a stage performance in 1904.

The Duke of York's was closed between 1940 and 1943 due to war damage but bounced back with exciting and popular shows. In 1976, Capital Radio took ownership of the theatre and features plays starring actors such as Al Pacino and Glenda Jackson. Since 1992 the theatre has been managed by the Ambassador Theatre Group and has features plays and musicals such as the Rocky Horror Show, Death and the Maiden, Ghost Stories and Backbeat.

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