Jennifer Barnhart (from Connecticut) is a puppeteer, American actress and voice-over talent, with a portfolio of television and theatre performances.

Biography Edit

Barnhart graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in acting with a concentration in puppetry.

Puppetry career Edit

Jennifer Barnhart made her Broadway debut in 2003 and is a featured performer in the Tony Award-winning musical Avenue Q. She also stars as Cleo on PBS's literacy education series, Between the Lions, and performed the puppetry for Kanga on Disney Channel's The Book of Pooh. Jennifer Barnhart is a Sesame Street Muppet performer who took over the roles of Mama Bear in 2001 and Gladys the Cow in 2002.

Acting career Edit

She appeared on screen as a puppeteer in Law & Order: SVU in May 2006.

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