From time to time explorers and scientists have unearthed a ancient individual frozen to death under a ten-thousand-year-old avalanche. Here is a letter one such individual, a trader, might have composed to those who would someday uncover him.Edit

A brightly lit stage. Everything is visible, even the bits of the stage that are supposed to be hidden by various kinds of masking. Silence for a time, under which a slow rumble begins. It starts very soft, on the edge of hearing, and builds until the lights abruptly extinguish.

Voice: Oh. Damn. The man must come to terms, now, with his situation. Which is vastly different from his situation moments ago. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Some things may do both. Maybe I can... umph... just push a little right... here... grunts. Pause If I could just... my arm... its stuck.. if I just.. there! Another whoomp of sound. Damn. Damn, damn damn. Fuck! Shit! This can't be it. I'll just wait. That's all. Someone will find me. Here. Yeah. And what am I gonna do, light a signal fire? I don't even know which way is up. How can this be it? I'm so young! Well, I'm not old anyway. But too young to... DAMN! Silence Oh! I know! I can lift my hand and it falls a bit. That must be down! I got it! That way! That way is up! Um. Well, at least that's cleared up. Its funny that that works. Like there is something pulling my hand downwards. Hmm. Not helpful now, though. Pause I'll just wait. I've got to wait. Stay positive. Someone will come....Oh who am I kidding, no one will come. Someone will come. NOBODY will come. The people in the village! They... they expect me to be gone for 6 months. Another trader! Oh good grief. I am the only one. I was. Or I... I wonder who will replace me? ooh I bet it'll Jackoby. Oh I can't stand him. A sycophant. A lout. Just a no good. He'll probably fall down the first cravasse that he finds. He always was trailing after me, every trip. And so loud with his shouts for me to wait up! Oh boy was he loud. Its a wonder he didn't bring down the whole... oh. Oh dear. Oh damn again! That. He. Unbelievable. But this is great! He must be out there somewhere!

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