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The Magic of Love is Singapore's most watched magic Musical. Seen by over 208,000 people, it has toured Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China and the United States. Since its premier at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in 2001, it has evolved and enlarged to be one of the most unique and entertaining magic shows in the world.


Based on the prodigal son story in the bible, the "Magic of Love" revolves around Priscilla who gets enticed by the ever charming Charlie, to leave her father and start her own show in Shanghai. However, the price of fame comes crashing down when she realises that within all these their lurks a sinister plot.


Starring Master Magician, Lawrence Khong and his real life daughter Priscilla, they will amaze you with brilliantly choreographed magical illusions and dazzling sets. The highlights would definitely be the "Levitation" scene which is one of the most beautifully choreographed sequences in the show. Also, do catch the death-defying act of the infamous "Table of Terror", where Lawrence is chained to the table beneath 200 pounds of solid steel spikes, and oh my how he escapes! Another highlight is the closing 10 minute solo magic performance by Priscilla which culminates with Father-Daughter magic performance which was truly amazing.

Not only were the magic illusions world-class, but the dance choreography is also worth watching. Ranging from their opening lyrical jazz dance routine to a more sexy tango routine in the opening of act 2, it was a delight to watch the performers. Also, the musical has very memorable songs, namely "Love is magic" which is the music for the Levitation sequence and the opening number of Act 2, "I am the greatest" which sees a nice, near operatic duet between Charlie and Mr Loh.

Act 1 was a feel-good and cheery atmosphere, but Act 2 was a little more dark ending with a very fulfiling resolution. Though the acting and singing were just passable, it was still a nice musical with a heartwarming message and it would be suitable for people of all ages.


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