The Majestic Theatre is a Broadway theatre on 247 West 44th Street in Manhattan, New York City.

The Majestic was built in 1927 by the Chanin Brothers and designed by Herbert J. Krapp. The theatre was constructed, along with the John Golden Theatre, the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre and the Milford Plaza hotel, as part of an entertainment complex. It opened its doors on March 28, 1927 with a production of Rufus LeMaire's Affairs. The Majestic was purchased by the Shubert brothers during the Great Depression and is currently owned and operated by the Shubert Organization.

One of the largest Broadway theatres, with a seating capacity of 1645, the Majestic has traditionally been used as a venue for major musical productions. Among the notable shows that have premiered at the Majestic are South Pacific (1949), The Music Man (1957), Camelot (1960) and The Wiz (1975–1977). It was also the second home of 42nd Street and the third home of 1776. Since 1988, the Majestic has housed The Phantom of the Opera. Phantom opened on January 26, 1988; on January 9, 2006 it became the longest running show in Broadway history with 7,486 performances. In 1954, the musical Fanny played at the majestic theater for 888 performances. It was based on the films Marius, Fanny, and Cesar by Marcel Pagnol

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An earlier theatre with the same name was located at 5 Columbus Circle, in the present location of the Time-Warner building. Designed in 1903 by John Duncan, the architect of Grant's Tomb, the theatre hosted original musicals, including Babes in Toyland, and briefly served as a studio for NBC. It was renamed the Park Theatre in 1911 and torn down in 1954.

The Brooklyn Academy of Music's Majestic Theatre was renamed BAM Harvey Lichtenstein Theater in 1999.

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