Matilda the Musical is a musical written by Dennis Kelly, with music and lyrics by Tim Minchin. It is based on the children's novel of the same name by Roald Dahl. It concerns a precocious 5-year-old girl who loves to read and how she overcomes family and school obstacles and helps her teacher to reclaim her life.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I[1]
  • "Miracle" – Children, Doctor, Mrs Wormwood, Mr Wormwood, Matilda, Company
  • "Naughty" – Matilda
  • "School Song" – Children, Teacher
  • "Pathetic" – Miss Honey
  • "The Hammer" – Miss Trunchbull, Miss Honey, Children
  • "Naughty" (Reprise)-Matilda*
  • "The Chokey Chant" – Miss Trunchbull
  • "Loud" – Mrs Wormwood, Rudolpho
  • "This Little Girl" – Miss Honey
  • "Bruce" – Children
Act II[1]
  • "Telly" – Mr Wormwood, Michael, Company
  • "Entr'acte" - Musicians
  • "When I Grow Up" – Children, Miss Honey, Matilda, Company
  • "I'm Here" – Matilda, Escapologist
  • "The Smell of Rebellion" – Miss Trunchbull, Children
  • "Quiet" – Matilda
  • "My House" – Miss Honey, Mr. Honey, Matilda
  • "Revolting Children" – Children
  • "This Little Girl" (Reprise)-Sergai*
  • "When I Grow Up" (Reprise) – All

*=Not in the soundtrack or listed in the Playbill/Program



  • The West End production of the show received 7 Laurence Olivier Awards in 2012
  • The Broadway production received 5 Tony Awards in 2013


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