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This article is for cast updates of the Tony-Award winnning musical Once

Broadway Edit

  • Original Broadway Cast 

Cristin Milioti as Girl 

Steve Kazee as Guy 

Elizabeth A. Davis as Reza 

David Abeles as Eamon

Will Connolly as Andrej

David Patrick Kelly as Da

Anne L. Nathan as Baruska

Lucas Pappaelias as Svec

Ripely Sobo & McKayla Twiggs as Ivanka

Andy Taylor as 'Bank Manager' 

Erikka Walsh as 'Ex-Girlfriend' 

Paul Whitty as Billy 

J. Michael Zygo as 'Emcee'

  • Current Broadway Cast 

Joanna Christie as Girl 

Standby-Jessie Fisher

Arthur Darvill as Guy 

Standby-Ben Hope 

Katrina Lenk as Reza 

Adam Wesley Brown as Eamon

Carlos Valdes as Andrej 

David Patrick Kelly as Da

Anne L. Nathan as Baruska 

Brandon McGibbon as Svec

Lauren Griggs & Jillian Lebling as Ivanka

Andy Taylor as 'Bank Manager' 

Erikka Walsh as 'Ex-Girlfriend'

Paul Whitty as Billy

J. Michael Zygo as 'Emcee'


For Girl & Reza-Elisabeth Evans, Erikka Walsh 

For Guy-J. Michael Zygo 

For Da-Don Noble 

For Baruska-Joanne Borts 

For Svec & Andrej-Joe Carrol, Brandon Ellis, Ari McKay Wilford 

For Eamon-Joe Carroll, Don Noble, Ari McKay WIlford  

'Emcee'-Joe Carroll, Don Noble, Ari McKay Wilford 

For Billy & 'Bank Manager'-Brandon Ellis   

West End Edit

  • Current West End Cast 

Zrinka Cvitesic as Girl 

Declan Bennett as Guy 

Valda Aviks as Baruska 

Phoebe Fildes as 'Ex-Girlfriend'

Ryan Fletcher as Svec

Michael O'Connor as Da

Gareth O'Connor as Eamon  

Aidan Kelly as Billy

Jos Slovic as Andrej 

Flora Spencer-Longhurst as Reza

Jez Unwin as 'Bank Manager'

Gabriel Vick as 'Emcee'

Emily and Rosanna Beacock, Mia Jai-Bryan and Honey Joyce as Ivanka 


Jamie Cameron, Allison Harding, David Hunter, Katrina Kleve, Tim Parker, Christina Tedders, Alex Turney and Robbie White. 

US National Tour Edit

  • Original/Current Tour Cast 

Stuart Ward as Guy

Dani de Waal as Girl 

Raymond Bokhour as Da 

Matt DeAngelis as Svec 

John Steven Gardner as Eamon 

Donna Garner as Baruska

Evan Harrington as Billy

Ryan Link as 'Emcee'

Benjamin Magnuson as 'Bank Manager'

Alex Nee as Andrej

Claire Wellin as Reza 

Kolette Tetlow as Ivanka 


For Guy-Ryan Link, Alex Nee

For Girl-Erica Swindell, Tiffany Topol 

For Reza-Erica Swindell, Estelle Bajou

For 'Ex-Girlfriend'-Estelle Bajou 

For Baruska-Tina Strafford 

For Da & 'Bank Manager'-Stephen McIntyre 

For Andrej, 'Emcee', Eamon & Svec-Zander Meisner, Matt Wolpe 

For Billy-Stephen McIntyre, Matt Wolpe 

  • Steve Kazee and Cristin Milioti
  • Declan Bennett and Zrinka Cvitesic
  • Dani de Waal and Stuart Ward
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