Plays On The Net

Founded in 2003 in England by playwright Chris Savery, CEO, POTN began as an online database for unpublished playwrights - a platform for writers to share their work, to communicate with fellow dramatists and to explore new ideas. Eventually, Chris Savery was able to transform the site into an e-commerce venture when the company secured the license to sell titles from the archives of BBC Audiobooks in April 2006. Other leading names in publishing followed, including: Gardners Books, Harper Collins, Pan Macmillan, Random House Audio, Naxos Audiobooks, BBC Active, Little, Brown and Hodder Headline. The site has now developed into a significant online store and theatre information site, with thousands of original plays and audio books available for download. The site also offers CDs, DVDs, affordable theatre tickets, and even free downloads of classic plays, fiction and poetry.



Used by writers and theatres themselves there are several sections useful to performers, writers and theatre goers including the magazine 'Curtain Rising' along with the theatre database and search facility.


The first thing that one notices on meeting Chris Savery, founder of, is his passion for his product. A theatre writer and producer who supplemented his income for many years by working in sales, Chris knows well the struggle which many writers face in getting their work read, let alone produced. This empathy led Chris to set up THE website with the facility for previously unpublished writers to upload their work for the enjoyment (and critique) of the general public. Mr Savery is also a judge on 'The Plays The Thing' a UK competition for new writers on Channel 4 in the UK.

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