Starlight Express is a musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. A child falls asleep, and in their dream, their toy train set comes to life. It is Race Night, and engines compete for the title of "World Champion".

Characters Edit

  • Control, the sleeping child

The Engines:

  • Rusty, the steam shunter
  • Poppa/Momma, the old steamer
  • Electra, the futuristic electric engine
  • Greasball, the reigning champion

The Coaches:

  • Pearl, the first class carriage
  • Dinah, the dining carriage
  • Ashley, the smoking carriage
  • Buffy, the buffet car.


  • Rockys/Hip Hopper, box car / Hoppers. Multiple identical siblings.
  • Flattop, the brick truck
  • Dustin, the big hopper.
  • Red Caboose, the brake car.


  • Krupp, the armaments truck
  • Wrench, the repair truck
  • Purse, the money truck
  • Joule, the explosives truck
  • Volta, the freezer car

International Engines:

  • From France: Bobo / Coco
  • From Itay: Espresso
  • From Germany: Weltschaft / Ruhrgold
  • From Russia: Turnov
  • From Japan: Hashamoto / Nintendo / Manga
  • From Britain: The City of Milton Keynes / The Prince of Wales / Brexit

Cut from later Productions Edit

  • Belle (sleeping car)
  • 2nd and 3rd Class Sleepers

Added in Later Productions Edit

  • Trax, race marshalls
  • Carrie, the luggage van
  • Belle, the bar car
  • Killerwatt, the security truck
  • Duvay, the sleeping car

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