The Auditioners is a short comedy play, written by Doug Rand and published in 2005, though Playscripts, Inc. The play has an estimated 35-45 minute runtime. The cast calls for 11 females and 3 males, though the script allows some gender flexibility. No set is necessary for the play

Plot[edit | edit source]

A director is setting up for a play and runs the auditions for his/her play. The audition was meant to be simple, the auditioners are to come in prepared to recite a classical and a contemporary monologue. Unfortunately many are not up to the challenge, and insist on breaking theater superstition. [1]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Many characters do not have names and are just numbers based on when they enter the play.

Director[edit | edit source]

The Director is at least middle aged, about 30-40. The Director has been in theater for 23 years. The Director is not very assertive and does not talk over or interrupt people often. The Director however is passionate about theater superstition.

4[edit | edit source]

4 is really passionate about getting the part. After first being kicked out for breaking a superstition, 4 comes back two more times before getting another chance to audition. She turns out be really good.

1[edit | edit source]

1 does her audition extremely melodramatic perhaps even overly emotional.

2[edit | edit source]

She is a good actress but performs monologues that are not appropriate for an audition.

3[edit | edit source]

A beauty queen, she is hot and she knows it. She may even have been hitting on the Director.

5[edit | edit source]

5 Really likes okra. 5 also indirectly threatens the Director if he is told he could get the part but then doesn't.

6[edit | edit source]

A Stand-up comic, 6 tries to be funny during the audition, but fails.

7[edit | edit source]

A rapper that tries to rap to Lady Macbeth. 7 is also quite rude to the Director.

8[edit | edit source]

A small time politician

9[edit | edit source]

An overly religious person, this annoys the Director because 9's audition was really over the top, and unnecessarily dramatic.

Cameron[edit | edit source]

Exposes 4's fake mustache.

10[edit | edit source]

Knows many classical and movie cliches.

11[edit | edit source]

A mime that can speak Esperanto.

Riki Zide[edit | edit source]

An improv comic. (This character does improv by getting actual suggestions from the audience.)


The directors assistant, he is a character that worships the director and acts like a body guard to expel any auditioners that do not fit the mold of what they are going for.

References[edit | edit source]

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