What are Theatre BreaksEdit

Theatre breaks are short breaks, usually over 1 weekend, that include accommodation and breakfast with a visit to a top West End show. Theatre breaks can often work out as a cost effective solution to travelling to London to see West End shows.

Who Takes Theatre BreaksEdit

People from all aspects of today's society take theatre breaks, it is not more common for any particular section of the general public.

Cost of Theatre Breaks Edit

The cost of a theatre break can be vary depending on the show, time of year, and the day that you wish to see the show in question. Prices can start from around £88.

It usually works out cheaper to book a theatre break than it does to book a decent ticket to see a show and a hotel separately. This is, in part, due to the special deals that theatre break websites get with both the theatres, and the London Hotels.

What shows are available Edit

Again, this is also something that varies, but if you book your ticket with one of the top theatre breaks websites, then you should be able to select a package for just bout any West End show that is currently playing. Some Theatre breaks websites have been in the business for over 20 years.

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