Many Theatres in the UK are reportedly haunted.

Ghosts and Ghouls are not just the preserve of eerie cemeteries or abandoned houses.

London's West End theatres have many a reporting of spooky goings on.

This is not surprising, considering the 400 years of theatrical history contained within.

Here are just a few of the reports (Taken from


Reported by: Freddy Fredericks

Location: E15 (Greater London) - Theatre Royal Type: Haunting Manifestation Date / Time: Midnight (reoccurring) Further Comments: The builder of the theatre, Freddy now looks after the building. He is said to walk around at midnight, a small, tubby man dressed in brown, radiating friendliness, and has been caught on camera ay least once. His initials are painted on an archway, and if removed it is said the theatre will fall.


Bloodied Hands

Location: SE1 (Greater London) - Old Vic, Waterloo Road Type: Haunting Manifestation Date / Time: Unknown Further Comments: This ghostly woman has appeared several times, always clasping her bloodstained hands. Some believe that she was an actress, and that the blood is fake - used for a stage production of a Shakespearian play.


John Baldwin Buckstone

Location: SW1 (Greater London) - (Haymarket) Theatre Royal Type: Haunting Manifestation Date / Time: Twentieth century Further Comments: A welcome ghost, Buckstone only puts in an appearance when a performance is destined to make it big. Another former manager of the theatre, David Morris, is reported to return maybe once a decade to the theatre just to cause trouble for a single night, before returning to his grave.


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