Thoroughly Modern Millie Edit

Music: Jeanine Tesori, Lyrics: Dick Scanlan, Book: Morris and Dick Scanlan.


Adaptation of the 1967 movie. Millie Dillmount arrives in New York, coming from rural Kansas. She has hopes to find a job and a rich husband, instead of marrying for love. She forms a list of potential employers who, with a bit of luck, will become her husband. She settles for one employer, Trevor Graydon, and attempts to get him to love her, completely blind to the fact that a young man, Jimmy Smith, is in love with her.

Characters Edit

Millie Dillmount- A young woman from Kansas looking to marry for riches, not for love.

Jimmy Smith- A handsome salesman who befriends Millie.

Mrs. Meers/Daisey Crumpler- The owner of the Priscilla Hotel. She is a secret white slavery trader who goes under the alias "Mrs Meers".

Miss Dorothy Brown- A bubbly young girl who stays at the Priscilla Hotel along with Millie.

Trevor Graydon III- The Sincere Trust Insurance Co. Head Millie initially wants to marry him.

Muzzy Van Hossmere- A singer at Bon Vivant. She is the secret stepmother of Dorothy and Jimmy.

Ching Ho- One of Mrs. Meer's henchmen He falls in love with Dorothy Brown.

Bun Foo- One of Mrs. Meer's henchmen.

Miss Peg Flannery- Head stenographer at Sincere Trust.


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