Uncle Vanya (1890) - Act 1, Moscow Art Theatre - Olga Knipper as Elena (right)

Act I of Uncle Vanya as performed by the Moscow Art Theatre in 1899. Anton Chekhov's future wife, Olga Knipper, played Elena (far right).

Uncle VanyaEdit

Tragicomedy (1899)
Author: Anton Chekhov


In this satirical tragic-comedy, an elderly professor and his beautiful young wife retire to a remote country estate left by his deceased first wife to find themselves confronting the brooding figure of the professor's brother-in-law and estate manager, Uncle Vanya. In a desperate attempt to allay their upper-class ennui, the large estate's colorful cast indulges in secret affections, heated quarrels, and late-night drinking.

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2008 - The Space
Official run was Dec. 10, 2008 - Dec. 20, 2008.
Cast: Luis de Amechazurra, Kevin James Doyle, Larry Greenbush, Jared Houseman, Lil Malinich, Moti Margolin, Aysha Quinn, Devra Rogers, Claire Siebers.

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