We Will Rock You the Smash Hit Rock Musical has a book written by comedian Ben Elton and features music from the rock ledgends Queen. We Will Rock You began its life playing at The Dominion Theatre in 2002. It Preivewed from 24th April 2002 - 13rd May 2002. With it's world premiere on the 14th May 2002. It opened to standing ovations every night (it still happens 5 years later) but it was panned by critics,but the show running for over 5 years now has shown that people still love the show.


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The Current Cast is :

October 2006 - 2007 Cast :

Main : Peter Johansson
1st Understudy: Ricardo Afonso
2nd Understudy: Craig Ryder

Main : Jenna Lee James
1st Understudy : Rachael Wooding
2nd Understudy : Siubhan Harrison

Killer Queen:
Main : Mazz Murray
1st Understudy : Rebecca Trehearn
2ns Understudy : Marianne Benedict

Main : Alex Bourne
1st Understudy : Alex McNamara
2nd Understudy : Craig Ryder

Main : Colin Charles
1st Understudy : Lain Grey
2nd Understudy : Wyn Moss

Meat :
Main : Rachael Wooding
1st Understudy : Rebecca Trehearn
2nd Understudy : Siubhan Harrison
3rd Understudy :Gemma Andrews

Rebel Leader :
Main : Craig Ryder
1st Understudy : Wyn Moss
2 nd Understudy : Alex Forster

Pop :
Main : Jeff Shankley
1st Understudy : Craig Ryder
2nd Understudy : Wyn Moss

For a history of cast see the casts from 2002 - 2007 page.

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