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Stage Musical Revue (1978), Television Broadcast (1982)
Music: Stephen Schwartz, James Taylor, Micki Grant, Craig Carnelia, and Mary Rodgers; Lyrics for the show are by Stephen Schwartz; Micki Grant; Craig Carnelia; James Taylor; Susan Birkenhead; Matt Landers; Book: Nina Fasao and Stephen Schwartz.


Songs by Micki Grant

Lovin' Al: parking lot attendant,
Cleanin' Women: domestics.
If I Could've Been: a general theme of the musical.

Songs by Stephen Schwartz

Fathers and Sons: ironworker.
It's An Art: waitress.
I'm Just Movin': supermarket checker.
Neat to Be A Newsboy: newsboy.
All the Livelong Day: a general theme of the musical.

Songs by James Taylor

Millwork: a felter in a luggage factory.
Un Mejor Dia Vendra (written with Daniele and Matt Landers): boxboy and migrant worker.
Brother Trucker: interstate truckdriver.

Songs by Craig Carnelia

The Mason: stone mason.
Just a Housewife: housewife.
Joe: retiree.
Something to Point To: a general theme of the musical.

Song by Susan Birkinhead and Mary Rodgers

Nobody Tells Me How: school teacher.


Musical revue based on interviews of working people from different walks of life by Studs Terkel.


Stephen Schwartz Website

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