Here are works written by visitors to this site. Feel free to add to them, change them, add new ones, and perform them'.

Simon and Theodora (83 words)- This is a play about two birds in a cage.

Leftover Boy (340 words)- This is a monologue about a boy living under a table.

Croesus, Emperor of Lydia and Luckiest of Men (40 words)- An historical play about the hubris and destruction of an emperor. Herodotus recorded his story in his history of the Pelloponesian war.

Letter to the Unfrozen (420 words)- From time to time explorers and scientists have unearthed a ancient individual frozen to death under a ten-thousand-year-old avalanche. Here is a letter one such individual, a trader, might have composed to those who would someday uncover him.

The Adventures of (0 words)- A community of etres comes under attack by novelty. How they incorporate the new ideas and technology into their society has clowny consequences.

Pablo and Johann (735 words)- Two brave clowns escaping from the Clown King for studying math.

Mothers Group (10,450 words) A short musical. three women with nothing in common but their family status. 6 female, 4 male)

Just Josh:the musical  (8000 words without lyrics)  A musical romantic comedy in two acts. Three male three female. Based around thirteen songs from the album "Sunny side of the street" by Josh Woodward. Two musicians flee to Ireland to escape copyright persecution, find love and discover they are innocent.

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